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Caregiving Team

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Precious Alex, Caregiver

Precious grew up in Seattle and was raised by an example of genuine love and caring.

Her Great-Grandmother was a Caregiver to her neighborhood by running a daycare center and generally giving caring to any residents that were in need.

Of the residents of Aspen Creek, Precious says: "My purpose is to make them feel IN". Not feel excluded… or "OUT".

Throughout every day, Precious lives her mission of helping residents cope with their new surroundings and the challenges that come with aging. As she names the residents, she identifies traits that remind her of her life mentor, Precious says: "Every resident has a piece of my Great-Grandmother in them… it’s just in me to protect my elders."

Precious received her Caregiver training in Texas. She then moved to Anchorage Alaska in 2014 to be near her Grandmother and other relatives. Precious also has a foster daughter. And the legacy of caring and faith is being passed on.

When asked what Aspen Creek means to her, Precious responded: "Genuine love and teamwork."

"Be strong. Be grateful. Be mindful. Have Compassion. Have heart."

-Precious Alex